Petroleum Refining

TIMEC takes pride in delivering superior refining solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving demands of the energy industry. Whether engaged in maintenance, turnaround, or capital construction services, our focus remains unwaveringly on optimizing production processes, enhancing operational cost-effectiveness and elevating industrial safety performance. At TIMEC, excellence is not just a standard; it is our commitment to meeting and exceeding the evolving demands of the energy landscape.

Oil & Gas Terminals

TIMEC is at the forefront of the oil and gas terminal support, driven by a dedication to innovation and safety. Our specialized services encompass the latest advancements, addressing key facets such as expanding storage capacity and enhancing transportation efficiency. We provide comprehensive, turnkey solutions tailored to our clients, optimizing operational efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering a seamless, secure energy supply chain.

Chemical Processing

From groundbreaking to project completion, the TIMEC team ensures the seamless execution of construction, engineering, procurement, and maintenance services to the chemical processing industry. Whether it’s the inception of a new facility or a comprehensive overhaul, we bring unparalleled expertise to every phase. Our commitment to safety, precision, and innovation results in state-of-the-art chemical processing plants that stand as beacons of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Power Generation

TIMEC delivers exceptional construction services designed specifically for power generation facilities.  Our talented team members are skilled in executing power plant services projects from renewable energy installation to complex retrofit.  TIMEC’s expertise ensures that each facility meets the highest industry standards for safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.


Beyond exploration and excavation, TIMEC stands as a premier provider of construction services for mining projects encompassing a wide range of minerals and resources. Our industry-leading expertise extends to delivering top-tier construction solutions, ensuring the seamless development and enhancement of mining operations. Whether embarking on new projects or optimizing existing ones, TIMEC’s commitment to excellence provides clients with unmatched construction services tailored to the unique demands of the mining industry.

Renewable Energy

As a trusted partner within the energy industry, TIMEC offers comprehensive solutions that span the entire spectrum of renewable projects. From the groundbreaking development of renewable fuel and solar projects, to the maintenance and  construction of cutting-edge bioenergy facilities, our expert team ensures the seamless execution of each project’s needs. We prioritize efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation, delivering turnkey solutions that optimize operational performance.