In late May of 2023, T.R.S.C., Inc. (TRSC) was awarded a contract to execute a turnaround in Torrance, CA in the client’s Unit 4 plant. Through a lot of effort on everyone’s part and working through a demanding inspection-driven project, we completed the turnaround with zero safety incidents and a leak-free start-up.

By performing efficiently and embracing the client’s safety culture on the Unit 4 project, we were awarded a turnaround at their Unit 24, within the same refinery. This turnaround was similarly inspection-driven with a significant amount of discovery work. Wrapping up in November of 2023, several TRSC employees had been working on-site since the May 2023 Unit 4 turnaround. We are proud of our team members for executing the work through long shifts and adapting to multiple changes to the schedule and scope.

Under the leadership of Joseph Snyder, the TIMEC crew executed the 2023 Shaft Furnace Bag-House 527-DC-250 Demo and installation of the new Bag-House at a copper mine smelter in Salt Lake City, Utah. TIMEC was presented with the Copper Key Award for Safety, Performance, and Teamwork/Excellent Communication with the other contractors and the client. TIMEC was the first of two companies to receive this award in the Anode area of the facility during the Smelter shut down event.

In the latter part of 2023, TIMEC proudly secured a major maintenance contract for another Salt Lake City, Utah refinery. The strategic acumen of Kennie Williams, our Mid-Continent Regional Manager, played a pivotal role in winning this opportunity. Under the expert guidance of Camon Hunnewell, our Project Manager currently stationed at the site, we successfully expanded our footprint in Salt Lake City.

TIMEC Refinery Services Company, Inc. (T.R.S.C.) has completed another turnaround at in El Segundo, CA. T.R.S.C. provided planning, logistics, mechanical, piping/welding, exchanger and safety services support for the refinery’s ALKY, FCC, and SRU projects. We are extremely proud of our team for a successful, incident-free project.

In 2023, T.R.S.C., Inc. (TRSC) secured an exciting opportunity to expand our services through a 5-year contract at a Richmond, CA refinery. TRSC continues to gain routine maintenance, civil work, CSG work and turnaround work through the Chevron Richmond venture. We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities and strengthen this partnership. TRSC has expanded its workforce to meet the requirements of this project and looks forward to continuing to transition mechanical workers to the TIMEC team.

West Coast Turnaround

T.R.S.C., Inc. (TRSC) has been selected as a Tier 1 supplier for a major 2025-2027 Turnaround General Mechanical Project in the West Coast Region. This award will open doors for TRSC expanding from Washington to Southern California.

TIMEC proudly sustains its significant role in providing essential services at one of our client’s Beaumont, TX refinery. Under the leadership of Clint Tucker, TIMEC’s Gulf Coast Regional Manager, our dedicated team is firmly entrenched at the site, seamlessly executing comprehensive mechanical and piping solutions.